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How the time flies

Friday, December 17th, 2010

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I guess I haven’t had a lot to say. I ran for the first time today since the 5k. 15 degrees out and dark! It was just like being in the Army again :)

Losing weight

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Any body remember this post?  In fact, just look at these posts (the older ones) and you’ll get an idea of where this is going.

A couple of years ago I was just a hair under 270lbs.  I dieted for a while, tried to exercise a bit, and got down to 260 or so, where I got stuck and gave up.  I did stay in the 260-270lb range though – right up until I started taking Depakote a year ago or so as a result of epilepsy.  The most I’ve ever weighed was 286lbs (which was about a couple of months ago).

A day or two ago, I saw the underside of 270 again for the first time in a looooooong while.  I hope the weight loss continues.  I’m actually exercising now (that marathon is still lurking out there), and I’m trying very hard to make the eating habits of the South Beach diet more of a lifestyle change than just a means of losing weight.

Of course, I’m not easily satisfied.  I have days where I lose a couple of pounds, and then days when I’ll gain it all back and then some (water? who knows?).  On average, I’d say I’m losing about 2.5lbs per week.  I keep hoping that 2lbs per day rate will keep up, but it never does :)

First 5k coming up

Monday, September 6th, 2010

I’ve been pretty silent about the running lately.  Mostly there hasn’t been much to tell.  I got the poison ivy in some tender places and so running basically stopped until that cleared up.  It’s now clear, and running has resumed.  In fact, I entered a 5k (just to make sure I don’t give up on running!) that takes place on the 20th of this month.

Parenthetically, when I pray, I often tell God that I want to do His will, but that he needs to make His will obvious, ‘cause I’m kind of slow some times.  A couple of weeks ago a guy I work with sends an email out to the whole office advertising this 5k run – it’s a benefit for a 7 month old girl that had to have a heart transplant.  Proceeds from the race go to her medical fund.  It was like a big ol’ “pay attention now, I’m being obvious…” nudge from God.

If you’re in the Springfield, MO area and feel like running a 5k for a good cause on the 20th, here’s the flier for the “Run for the Rockstar” (pdf file).

My running actually resumed about two weeks ago.  Today was a personal record for me in a couple of ways.  I ran further than I’d ever run before – 4 miles.  I wanted to be sure I could actually finish a 5k (yes, I am that out of shape).  It was also the longest time I’d ever run, and I felt pretty good afterwards.  It was a slow run, but was a good confidence booster.

Allena and I have also been doing the South Beach diet thing.  She’s lost almost 15lbs, and I’ve lost almost 10.  Hopefully that coupled with some consistent exercise will help me lose weight!  Starting weight: 282lbs.  Target: 225lbs.  Wish me luck! :)

The Plateau

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

So if you scroll back through the last few posts, you’ll see I started my weight loss plan at 269.5 pounds.  I made it to goal one (265) and almost to goal two (260).  I’ve weighed in at 260.5 two days in a row now.  I’ve been that low a couple of other times and “bounced” back up a few pounds.

This is what I call the “plateau”.  It means there’s a weight mark that I just can’t seem to break past.  Theoretically, what this means is that my metabolism has now adjusted to the reduction in calories.  The only way to get past the plateau is to a) eat even less (which would be unhealthy and non-sustainable) or b) EXERCISE!

Today I officially began my exercise regime to go along with my reduced calorie intake.  For me, exercise = walking.  I took a 15 minute walk during lunch today – only 76 degrees out, which is fantastic for August in Missouri.  I will take another 10 to 15 minute walk this evening.

I have read that walking at a reasonable pace (3 mph or so) can burn 5 to 10 calories per minute.  At my weight, it’s near the 10 calorie mark, so 15 minutes of walking burns 150 calories.  The way I see this is that I just walked off all the calories I consumed in my morning snack.

Eventually (2 to 4 weeks from now) I’ll plateau again – and it means the same thing.  My metabolism will have adjusted to the new amount of activity and calories.  At that point, I’ll have to bump my exercise up a little – another 10 minutes of walking per day.

It all seems to work pretty well.  I’m never really starving myself – I’m eating about 1500-1700 calories per day.  Eating at regular intervals, which means breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner helps keep me from getting the munchies.  It also helps keep your metabolism stable.  Exercising daily – even just walking – also helps boost the metabolism and makes me feel better about myself too.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring me under 260 – through the plateau and on to my next five pound goal!


Friday, July 25th, 2008

At the risk of turning this into a “diet blog”, I thought I’d mention a phenomenon of weight loss that I call “bouncing”.

I’ve read quite a bit about losing weight, and one of the things I see a lot is this advice:  Do NOT check your weight every day.  Well, nuts to that!  I’m obsesive in a lot of ways, and I want immediate gratification.  I don’t want to wait a week to check my weight.  I want to check it every day.

So here are my tips on checking your weight every day:

  1. Try to weigh at around the same time every day, and under the same conditions.  Example – I wake up every morning, use the bathroom, then get on the scale.  Why do this?  Consistency mostly.  If you weigh before breakfast one day, and after breakfast the next, then you have to try and figure out how much your breakfast weighs.  Pick a time, and a set of conditions and keep to it.
  2. Weigh in the buff.  (Please, for your sanity, do NOT try to visualize me doing this – it’s not pretty!).  Why weigh in the buff?  It’s about being honest with yourself.  You might be tempted to say “oh, these pants weigh at least two pounds” or “I’ve got heavy shoes on”.  If you’re not wearing any clothes, then you KNOW that the only thing being weighed is YOU.
  3. Get a digital scale.  Mine measures in half-pound increments (see earlier post, “269.5”).  Why digital?  Honesty again.  If it’s got a dial with little tics on it, you might be tempted to round up or down.  With digital, there is no ambiguity.

So, why all of that when the subject is “bouncing”.  Well, when I weigh every day, I notice that my weight bounces up and down.  Today I weighed 260.5 (approaching goal #2, yay me!).  Tomorrow, I may weigh less, or my weight may “bounce” back up.  I’ve noticed that I tend to follow a bit of a bouncing pattern.  Day one, I’ll be down one and a half or two pounds.  Day two, I’ll be down another pound.  Day three I’ll be down another half pound.  Day four I’ll bounce and be up a pound.  Then the cycle starts over.  If you do the math, it works out to losing two to two and a half pounds every four days.  Which, is GREAT!

The key is to not get freaked out by the “bounce”.  Sometimes it’s a one pound bounce, but I’ve bounced as much as three pounds in a day.  Sometimes I’ll bounce up a couple of days in a row, but then I’ll have a day where I lose four pounds.  I don’t have any idea why this is.  Maybe I ate something that’s taking longer to digest?  Maybe retaining a little more or a little less water?  Who knows?

Anyhow – I’ll probably continue posting about the weight loss.  Maybe it’s not so exciting for the general population to read, but hey – it’s exciting to me to be losing weight again!  And sharing my methods is as good a subject to post on as any.  :)