Cooking with Ovaltine

Have you ever pondered the difference between following a recipe and cooking?  To me, cooking is a form of art.  Anybody can follow a recipe, but to really cook is an art.  I think most people can learn this form of art, it just takes time and practice like anything else.  Some people will be better at it than others.

So where am I going with this, and what’s it got to do with Ovaltine anyway?  Last Sunday we stopped by the house of some friends (the James family).  This family is from India, and they are *cooks*, not just recipe followers :).  When you prepare a dish that has 8+ different spices in it, and you don’t measure anything, you just do a little tasting along the way, that my friends is cooking.  Now I can cook like that (thank you Allena!), but what really impressed me is that the James family buys spices in bulk and stores them in Ovaltine jars.  Unlabeled Ovaltine jars.  So, when you watch them cook…well, they’re just cooking with Ovaltine :).

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