Sheila, Florence, and Mikey

Our little ranch lost one of its members not long ago.  Sheila, our Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix is no longer with us.  She wandered off, we don’t know why – she wasn’t really a wandering dog.  I found her in the road a few days later – there wasn’t a lot left.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I’m sad that my dog is dead of course, but she was getting on up in years (almost 11).  It’s possible that she wandered off to die and the coyotes left her in the road.  It’s possible the coyotes killed her.  It’s possible she got hit by a car.  Not knowing how she ultimately died leaves me feeling unresolved though.  Lack of closure sounds a little cheesy for a pet (to me), but I guess that’s what I feel.

A few days before Sheila wandered off, we got the two newest members of the ranch – Florence and Mikey.  Both are miniature Australian Shepherds (hey, stick with what you like!).  Florence is named after the “Doggy” in the web-comic Freefall that Dominic reads (now we all read it).  She has readily joined the family and is a very joyful little dog.  Needs some work on manners, but she’s a great dog.  Mikey is named after the Shetland Sheepdog I had as a kid.  His name was Michael.  Mikey looks a lot like him only smaller, hence the diminutive name :).  Mikey is not at all sure about us.  He has decided the ranch is home, but we are not yet his people.  He’s run off several times, but he comes back.  We catch him and try to be calm and pet him and love on him a lot.  Hopefully he’ll decide he likes us before long.

So long Sheila, we’ll miss you.  Welcome home Florence and Mikey!

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