We now return you to your regularly scheduled posting

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  Last weekend was the Mo-Kan goat show in Sedalia.  Dominic went (he did well, with some goats, ok with others), and one of his doe kids broke her leg.  We’re really not quite sure how, unless she tried to jump out of the pen.  She should heal up ok, but having a goat with a cast on is a pain.

Last Wednesday, Allena broke *her* arm – she slipped on the front porch steps.  It had been raining and she didn’t realize it.  She broke her radius on her left arm, very near the thumb.  She’ll be in a splint for four weeks, and then a short cast for another three weeks or so.

Thus ends the broken bones report.

Today was Elizabeth’s first communion, which went well all things considered.  It was a high Mass, and as it was the feast of Corpus Christi, we had a procession (canopy and everything) afterwards, and Elizabeth got to walk right behind the priest in her communion dress and veil, which was very nice.  The diocese newspaper sent a photographer – maybe she’ll have her picture in the paper?

Before we got to church was a little hectic…we couldn’t find Teresa’s shoes (it’s always Teresa it seems).  We looked for nearly an hour – we ended up buying a new pair.  On the way there, we discovered that we (ahem…I) left the veil for Elizabeth’s dress at home.  Allena called a friend whose little girl had recently made her first communion, and fortunately was able to borrow a veil (whew!).

After we got home from church was…well…”nasty” begins to describe it.  You see, our AC has been out for a while now, and we’ve been leaving the porch door open with a big fan blowing to keep things cool.  Our porch has a gate, so this has been working to keep animals out.  However, we (ahem…I) apparently didn’t get the gate latched.  And the goats pushed the gate open.  And the goats came in the house.  And the goats SHIT ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!!!  I can only say I’m astounded that they restricted themselves to the floor – it’s amazing that there wasn’t goat shit on the sofas or beds or table or counters, etc.

So right now I’m fairly disgusted.  I suppose with time, I will see the humor, and remember the good parts of today.  For now, I’m glad that it’s over and my daughters communion went well.

As for running – only had one run last week.  Allena’s arm has made things problematic (can’t pick up children well), but we’re getting used to it.  I’ll figure out where I am this week and report again – hopefully with good success – next week.

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