Strange little coincidence

I was driving to work this morning, and as I neared the parking lot, I was pondering my son’s future.  I was thinking on his college education, and how that would impact his working life.  I then contrasted that with not going to college, and how that would (most likely) let him get out on his own without carrying a truck-load of debt from college loans – a very heavy burden I assure you.  As I neared the parking spot I had picked out, I thought to myself: “so…college, or not?”.  I looked at another car in the lot, and the last part of the license plate said “NOT”.  Coincidence or providence?  Who knows, but I thought it was a strange little coincidence.

3 Responses to “Strange little coincidence”

  1. MO'B says:

    Here’s a thought.

    Split the difference.

    Community College!

    And remember, education is the one thing that can never be repossessed!

  2. Phil says:

    Being the analytical person that I am I have to say that it is much more likely that the last part of a license plate will say NOT rather than COLLEGE. That’s probably why I don’t leave my decision making to license plates.

  3. Beau says:

    That’s a very good point Phil :)