Crazy ideas

I’ve had some crazy ideas in my life.  Some of them were crazy-stupid, some of them were crazy-adventurous, some were crazy-awesome, some were crazy-cool, and some of them were crazy-it’s-time-to-call-the-men-in-white-with-the-padded-van.  Some of them I’ve gone through with, some of them I’ve backed out of.

There was the time I jumped off a really tall rock spire at Lake Havasu into the lake.  The spire was probably 50-100 feet tall.  That was crazy-stupid at the time, but it’s crazy-awesome in my mind now.

Then there was the time I joined the army – more or less on a whim.  I followed that up with moving to Colorado with Allena and Nick, and getting settled in there in an apartment with eleven bucks between us for food, and no jobs.  Definitely crazy-adventurous.

One time, Allena and I gave a car to a girl that did a lot of babysitting for us.  It was a crappy car, but it ran, and she was 16 and was tickled to get it.  Crazy-cool.

The stuff where the men in white get called I don’t talk about too much…but Allena knows.  She’s saved me more than once.

A few days ago I started having another crazy idea.  I’ve been thinking about training to run a marathon.  Now I’m a big guy – 6’4″ or so and pushing 290lbs at the moment (thank you sooo much Depakote.  Not.), and I get shin splints, and I’m currently having some fun with plantar fasciitis, and on top of that I doubt I have the money to spare for good running shoes.  So, why would I do such a crazy thing?  I want to get in shape and lose weight…and I think this will help.  I’ve been struggling with depression (thank you again Depakote and Keppra too!) and I think it will help with that too.  But I think mostly because I want to say I accomplished something that not that many people have done (relative to the population of the world of course).

So what do you think?  Crazy?  Should I go for it, or not?

P.S. – Jerome – if you get around to reading this, you and your triathlon’s are a big inspiration!

2 Responses to “Crazy ideas”

  1. Richad says:

    Crazy-cool! I have a goal to get to the point that I can go mountain biking and enjoy it. So I have shed 50lbs since last October. I was at 261 on Oct 5 and as of last Feb 23 (19 weeks) I am at 210. So I say go for it.

  2. MO'B says:

    Go for it. Absolutely go for it. And most runners are crazy anyhow, no one will notice.