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Losing weight

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Any body remember this post?  In fact, just look at these posts (the older ones) and you’ll get an idea of where this is going.

A couple of years ago I was just a hair under 270lbs.  I dieted for a while, tried to exercise a bit, and got down to 260 or so, where I got stuck and gave up.  I did stay in the 260-270lb range though – right up until I started taking Depakote a year ago or so as a result of epilepsy.  The most I’ve ever weighed was 286lbs (which was about a couple of months ago).

A day or two ago, I saw the underside of 270 again for the first time in a looooooong while.  I hope the weight loss continues.  I’m actually exercising now (that marathon is still lurking out there), and I’m trying very hard to make the eating habits of the South Beach diet more of a lifestyle change than just a means of losing weight.

Of course, I’m not easily satisfied.  I have days where I lose a couple of pounds, and then days when I’ll gain it all back and then some (water? who knows?).  On average, I’d say I’m losing about 2.5lbs per week.  I keep hoping that 2lbs per day rate will keep up, but it never does :)

First 5k coming up

Monday, September 6th, 2010

I’ve been pretty silent about the running lately.  Mostly there hasn’t been much to tell.  I got the poison ivy in some tender places and so running basically stopped until that cleared up.  It’s now clear, and running has resumed.  In fact, I entered a 5k (just to make sure I don’t give up on running!) that takes place on the 20th of this month.

Parenthetically, when I pray, I often tell God that I want to do His will, but that he needs to make His will obvious, ‘cause I’m kind of slow some times.  A couple of weeks ago a guy I work with sends an email out to the whole office advertising this 5k run – it’s a benefit for a 7 month old girl that had to have a heart transplant.  Proceeds from the race go to her medical fund.  It was like a big ol’ “pay attention now, I’m being obvious…” nudge from God.

If you’re in the Springfield, MO area and feel like running a 5k for a good cause on the 20th, here’s the flier for the “Run for the Rockstar” (pdf file).

My running actually resumed about two weeks ago.  Today was a personal record for me in a couple of ways.  I ran further than I’d ever run before – 4 miles.  I wanted to be sure I could actually finish a 5k (yes, I am that out of shape).  It was also the longest time I’d ever run, and I felt pretty good afterwards.  It was a slow run, but was a good confidence booster.

Allena and I have also been doing the South Beach diet thing.  She’s lost almost 15lbs, and I’ve lost almost 10.  Hopefully that coupled with some consistent exercise will help me lose weight!  Starting weight: 282lbs.  Target: 225lbs.  Wish me luck! :)