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They grow up so fast

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I know, it’s a cliche…but Elizabeth turned 7 today, and she’s getting so big so fast.

It was not the best birthday party we’ve ever put on…birthdays are getting a little more humble around here, but we still had cake and ice cream and presents, and we went to the lake to go swimming.

We are in the midst of “birthday season” here at the ranch.  We just had Juliana’s in June, Allena’s earlier this month, and Dominic’s will be in early August.  Then Teresa in September and William in October.  Then we get a few months off from birthdays :).

Miscellaneous Miscellany

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

It’s grown quiet around here.  I haven’t had a lot to say, and what I little I have had to say has been said in one or two sentence blurbs on facebook.  Have you ever wondered what makes a “killer app” in the computer world?  I think it’s the ability to waste time.  The app remains “killer” until somebody finds a business case for it.  Think of: e-mail, instant messaging, web-browsing, etc.  I think facebook is on to something.  It’s a great place to waste time (particularly with Mafia Wars).  I’m not sure I can imagine a business case for it, but I suspect someday a few years from now, everybody at work will be required to have a facebook account (or something similar).

Following the theme of my post title, I’m shifting subjects.  I suppose most people are familiar with “word clouds” or “tag clouds”.  These are the little clusters of words in different colors and fonts and orientations that graphically represent some set of text – maybe a document, maybe all the tags on a blog, etc.  Turns out there’s a place you can make your own for free called Wordle.  And just to show that I can still string two thoughts together, Wordle is a great place to waste time too.  Just for fun, here’s a word cloud of this post:

word cloud

word cloud

Jumping again, I’m a failure as a mechanic.  I just though everyone should know that.  I replaced the starter on my tractor…tractor still doesn’t work.  I replaced the fuel filter on my lawn mower.  Lawn mower still runs roughly.  I hate cars, and I’m thinking about adding tractors and lawn mowers to that list.

I had to travel for work for the first time in several years (first time ever for this employer).  The trip was high-stress with a customer that was in crisis mode.  We got things fixed – all’s well that end’s well…but the flight back home sure sucked.  Our flight was delayed by 3 1/2 hours, consequently we missed our connection, consequently we spent the night in Minneapolis.   I think I logged 50 hours of work over three days, and I think I logged about 10 hours of sleep for the same three days.  Ugh.  Even in the Army they gave us four ours a day.  Some of that was my own fault of course, and some of it was just not sleeping well away from home.  File me under “not a business traveler” I guess and call it done.

Enough rambling.  Time for bed.