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An embarrassment of riches

Monday, June 1st, 2009

I’ve always found that expression to be a little odd.  Why would anyone be emarrassed of their riches?  I find myself in that very position now however, as I tell you loyal readers (all five of you!) that we are expecting the next addition to the Jackson family sometime in late January.  For those of you that haven’t been keeping count, this will make *six* children for us.  Truly an embarrassment of riches!

On a note of trivia, did you know that the Spanish word for “pregnant” is “embarassada”?

It’s been a mixed bag of emotions – we’re tickled to be having another child, and yet there have been worries.  Our seven passenger mini-van is not going to cut it anymore.  Our house is even getting on the small side for us.  The reactions of co-workers is hurtful in a small way (the raised eyebrows, that subtly say “six?  you must be nuts…haven’t you ever heard of birth control?”).  The pending reaction of family that is hurtful in a major way (and oh, how I dread that phone call).  The reactions of friends that understand our feelings about birth control (and share them) and are truly happy for us, and understanding of all the other reactions.

Anybody have a big van they want to sell?