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Figuring out Facebook

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

As my regular readers will have noticed (since I’ve been busy adding you as friends) I’ve been playing around with Facebook over the last few days.  This has answered the question “why hasn’t Jerome posted in so long?” for me – why?  Because he’s been posting on Facebook instead of his blog.  Sheesh…you try to keep up with peoples lives and they go and change the way the news is being distributed ;).

So why sign up with Facebook.  Mostly because I’ve come across Facebook profiles for people that I’ve known in my life who otherwise have no web presence, and I wanted to see what was going on with them.  I even found out my sister has a Facebook profile…who knew?

In other news, William has a(nother) new scar on his face.  That kid is really hard on himself.  He was twirling around, tripped on a pillow and slamed his cheek into the edge of the coffee table.  One trip to urgent care and $75 bucks later and his cheek is super-glued shut with some stuff they call “dermabond”.  I was told that the scar will be much smaller this way than it would have been with stitches.

We also got three new lambs this morning – two girls out of DuClair and a single girl out of Piper.  All in all a busy weekend!