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Catching up with the ol’ blog

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

So I’ve had some problems with the blog – couldn’t get logged in for a while, got that fixed.  Then the site (and Allena’s) went completely bonkers for a while.  Needed to call tech support for that one.  Turned out I had some permissions set wrong and PHP was *really* unhappy with that.

Then I got busy with some other projects.  We just wrapped up three websites, one was a re-write and the other two were moved to a new location (we’re web-host resellers now) with us and a shopping cart change.  If you’re interested in checking them out, they are:  Double J Indoor Arena, Johnson’s Telemetry, and Riata Leather.  Dominic did a lot of work on the Double J site – I’m VERY pleased with his work…it does a programming father’s heart proud to watch his son develope his geeky talents! :)

We also got the sheep sheared a few days ago – just in time for the snow :P.  We have a “sheep tent” built so that they can stay warm.  Sheep with lots of wool on can handle extremely cold weather just fine.  Freshly shorn sheep…not so much!

We have two new goat kids that were born about two weeks ago.  Their names are “Captain Morgan” and “Johnny Walker”.  This year we have an alcoholic naming theme…boys will be named after hard liquor, girls will be named after mixed drinks.  If you’ve got any favorite mixed drinks or other adult beverages…let me know, and you may just get a kid or lamb named after your favorite libation.

Anyhow, that’s why I haven’t posted recently…but that’s taken care of now too!