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Chevrolet = Milk Goat

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Ok, a dorky but funny observation I made this morning.  First, some background: 1) We own dairy goats, and consequently we drink goats milk.  2) My children have been learning some French words for fun.  3) This morning, we ate pancakes and my children asked me for some goats milk, in French.

That being said, the French word for “goat” is “chevre”, and the French word for milk is “lait” (pronounced “lay”).  So, when Dominic asked for lait du chevre, suddenly it clicked with me…if “lait du chevre” is “milk of goat”, then chevre lait would be “goat for milking” or “milk goat”.  Probably some Frenchman named Pierre Chevrelait (aka, Peter Milk Goat) immigrated to the US a long time ago and got his name mangled into Chevrolet.

All that is a bunch of BS I just made up, but phonetically, it’s fun to think that I own a 1991 Milk Goat Suburban.  :)  I may start calling it “The Goat” heh heh.