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Playing Scottish for a day

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Well, not really.  We went to a Celtic festival in Buffalo, MO on Saturday.  We brought the wool and spindles and tried to make a little money.  Mostly Allena ended up doing free demos but that’s ok.  We sold a couple of spindles – almost enough to pay for lunch.

I think the problem was that we had authentic Scottish weather.  That is to say…it rained all day.  There were a lot of true-blue Scotsman there, walking about in kilts with swords strapped to their hips and what-not.  However, I think the general population prefers sunny weather for their festivals.

Oh, well…it was fun anyway.   The festival was at the city park which had a play ground.  The girls played in the rain all day and had a fine time.  Dominic had some money burning a hole in his pocket, so he acquired a wooden two-handed broad-sword that he’s been swinging around the yard, slaying imaginary foes.  A boy and a stick…hours of endless playtime.

The unfortunate part in my perspective is that we didn’t get to see the Highland Games.   These include the shot-put for distance and height using a 22 pound stone.  I kept getting the image of Hamish in the movie Braveheart saying [insert heavy Scottish accent here] “I could crush you like a worm!”  It also includes tossing the caber, or as we might call it here in rural America – “log chucking”.  They had three or four other events that basically involved tossing something heavy either as far as you could, or as high as you could.  You can see the various events here:  Highland Games

All in all it was fun, even if it was wet.  We only stayed for half the day.  Our booth began to resemble a bog, and the kids were getting fussy because a) they were wet, and b) they were tired and it’s hard to nap at a festival.  Maybe next year will be dry.