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The tangled web I weave…

Monday, July 30th, 2007

The knotted web I weave? I’m trying to be subtle here…Ok, I’ll just say it…the KNITTED dish rag I knit! There! I’m out of the closet. My name is Beau. I’m a guy, and I knit.

I can rightly call myself a knitter because I’ve knitted a dish rag! hahaha. Well, you have to start somewhere right? But where will it end? I’ve already started another project – a hat. True, it’s late July, and it’s in the 90s ouside, but a hat is a good next project – new stuff without being overwhelming.

So, why does a guy knit? Well, I have to confess that the main reason is because of Spindle And Wheel – If I’m going to write articles for an online magazine dealing with spinning, and knitting, and fiber arts of all sorts, I probably ought to know what I’m talking about. Another reason to knit – it’s something my wife and I can talk about. She’s learned her share of geeky things so she can keep up with what I have to say about work and what not. Seems only polite to return the favor. But you know what? I enjoyed it. It had it’s tedious parts, it had it’s frustrating parts, and it had it’s rewarding parts (all that from a dishrag!). It’s actually appealing to my geeky side – it’s very intricate and detailed, all those little knots. I’ve actually thought about how you would program a pattern – it seems like it’s a big recursion program just waiting to happen. I’ll have to work on that :)

Anyhow, to my loyal readers (all four of you) – you will be seeing posts about knitting, and other yarnish things in the future. So be encouraging! You might end up with a hand-spun wool hat and mittens for Christmas ;)

Morbid, but interesting

Monday, July 30th, 2007

I was looking at the news this morning, and there’s a site now called “”. It’s basically a giant obituary column, with links to the deceased myspace page. On the one hand, I thought this was a bit morbid, but I picked out one of the deceased and took a look at his myspace page. It was touching really – lots of posts from people just saying they were thinking of him, and miss him.

I guess some people get obsessive about this sort of thing (dieing, and death, and learning about dead strangers). It’s not something that I think I’ll ever look at again, but it was worth looking at once. Thankfully, I don’t have a myspace page, so I won’t have to worry about strangers discussing the details of my death one day.

I’m only half as wise as I used to be

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Which isn’t saying much I guess.

I had my two lower wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I’ve been popping a couple of lortab every four hours or so and without that I’d be rolling around crying in pain.  As it is, I’ve pretty much just been laying around in bed.  The lortab definitely kills the pain, but it also zonks you out pretty hard.

I was unconscious  for the procedure – sort of.  It wasn’t what I was expecting.  They didn’t use gas.  Instead, whatever it was keeping me asleep came in through an IV.  The difference is that when you’re under the gas, you lose time.  You go out, and you wake up, and there’s no sense of having lost any time, and you’re not aware of anything at all.  With the IV, it’s like you’re just sleeping really hard.  There were a couple of times that I was aware of things happening – something banged against my upper teeth at one point, and I remember saying “ow” to something at another point.

Anyhow, the upside is that once I’ve healed, it won’t ever bother me again.

Just another day

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything meaningful here…sorry ’bout that. I’ve had deadlines at work (big project!) and deadlines at home with the new Spindle And Wheel issue coming out on the 15th. Still, it hasn’t been work, work, work and nothing else. We’ve been to the lake a couple of times. Kept up with the house work (sort of). Saw some fireworks and what-not.

Sometimes I slack a bit here because Allena posts pretty much the same thing I would on her blog, and I don’t want to sound redundant.

I get to go to court tomorrow (whoopie! not). I had a little…ahem…incident in the McDonald’s drive thru. An impatient man a couple of cars behind us decided to yell obscenities out his car window because we weren’t getting out of the way fast enough for him. I replied in kind. Things, shall we say, escalated. Ultimately, I was charged with disturbing the piece. I don’t know if he was or not. Seems like he should be too, but I got out of my car to confront him, and he stayed in his, and apparently that makes all the difference.

In light of that, I’m going to step on my soap box for a moment. A lot of folks like to talk about the good-old-days. One of the themes that comes up often is how people used to take care of things themselves without involving the police or suing. Now, I’m not advocating vigilante justice here, but I do think that certain things ought to be considered settled without involving the police. As an example, if I were to provoke somebody so badly that they came over and beat me up, I would just take my lumps and not call the police – especially if I got a few shots in too. There’s a threshold on that of course. If I provoked somebody and they came over and beat me within an inch of my life with a steel pipe, I’d probably call the police. I guess you can’t really have it both ways. Mostly I’m irritated that this guy provoked me, and then filed charges when I had the gall to do something about it. Sigh. End of rant.

I get to go to an oral surgeon next week (whoopie again! still not). I have a wisdom tooth that is growing at an angle into my molar. Because of this, it will never come up on its own. However, it does occasionally cause an infection which is quite painful. This happens once or twice a year – typically it aches for a day or two and goes away. I live with it because a) oral surgery is expensive even with insurance and b) because the roots of the tooth are wrapped around a nerve and there’s a chance that if they take it out I’ll have a numb spot on my jaw. This time, the infection was much worse. I ended up getting some antibiotics to clear it up, but I was alternating advil and tylenol every two hours to keep the pain tolerable for FIVE DAYS. So, next week – oral surgeon, and I’ll just have to hope he’s good enough to miss the nerve. I’ll also have to hope that he’ll finance things. Last time I checked (years ago) it was going to cost around $1000 to get the tooth out AFTER insurance.

Dominic has been working on a 4-H robotics project that we took to the fair last night. We were actually a few minutes late past the entry deadline, but they let him enter it anyway. I really dropped the ball on this project of his – he had a couple of broken/lost parts that had to be replaced. I ended up getting parts at Radio Shack last night at about 5:00pm – I got home with them and he was writing up a summary of his project. We all ended up getting in the car and driving to the fair (40 miles or so) and we got there at 7:08pm – entry cut off was at 7:00, but hey…it’s 4-H, they’re used to dealing with kids and the parents that make them late!

Dominic was making repairs to his robot in the car on the way over. They didn’t work. He had a print-out of his code and looked through it and found his bug (my heart swells with pride! My little boy debugs!). Poor kid was very frustrated/flustered when we got there – I think he was ready to just walk away and forget it. He couldn’t get past the “my robot doesn’t work” frame of mind. The judge was very kind though – she had him explain the things he learned, and what it was designed to do (it follows a line around using infra-red sensors). I think she was impressed by the amount of effort he put into the project – which was a lot – and also because he’s truly interested in it. That’s what’s truly important about 4-H. Not that it works, but that you learn and grow. She said she thought it was worth a blue ribbon. I think he’ll be able to take it to the state fair. That would be really cool, especially as he could make his repairs and have a working robot to demonstrate. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Anyhow, those are the highlights.



Thursday, July 5th, 2007

I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress last night, and now I’ve got these stupid characters all over my posts that look like an “A” with a carrot over them!  Grrrrr…

I also updated Allena’s and got the same thing.  Hopefully, new posts won’t have them as I really don’t want to go back and fix data – it’s a royal pain.