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Return of the flying pigs!

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

I had an earlier post about Canadian geese stopping off at our pond.  There were four of them that time.  We’ve had 27 the last couple of days, but they left this morning.  A certain reader of mine who shall remain nameless (*cough*Jerome*cough*) referred to Canadian geese as “flying pigs”.  Well, with 27 of them leaving goose droppings…I’m inclined to agree.  That and I think it’s funny ;)  I’ll probably refer to geese as flying pigs for the rest of my life.


Thursday, February 8th, 2007

I’ve been slacking a lot lately.  Slacking on the posting to the blog (my wife pointed this out to me).  Slacking on finishing up the horse shelter.  Slacking at getting the hogs butchered (turns out I didn’t shoot them in anger when the escaped and tore the crap out of my yard).  Slacking at getting the three new cats spayed (finally happening next week).  Slack, slack, slack!

Ok – so first item on the slack list can be crossed off…I’m posting!  Ha, there!  I’ve accomplished something!

We get our tax refund tomorrow unless the IRS hoses something up, so I should have the money to buy the materials to finish the horse shelter and get the pigs butchered and cats spayed too.

In other news, we have a new web site called Spindle and Wheel.  As all of my loyal readers (3 of you? 4? maybe as many as 5 but probably not more than that) we have sheep, and with sheep comes wool, and with wool comes a new obsession on my wife’s part with spinning, knitting, dyeing, and all things fiber.  So…we made a web site to share what we’ve learned, and eventually to sell some of the things we make.  If anyone would like to add a gratuitous link to their site to help Google/Yahoo/Other engines find us, that would be exceptionally cool (thanks Mike for already obliging!).

I’m a member of the Knights of Columbus – we’re putting on three fish frys (fries?) during lent – the first is on March 2.  If anybody wants to drive way the heck out to Stockton, MO, we’d love to see you eat lots of fish and chips!  Most of the members of our parish our senior citizens…at 35 years old, I’m the youngest member of our Knights council.  I was actually addressed as “youngster” at last night’s meeting.  My job at the fish fry will be “show up and do what needs doing”.  I got this job because the fish fry starts at 5:00pm, and I’m the only knight in our council that is not retired.  The other guys will show up early and get stuff set up, but some of us (er, me) have to work until 5:00.  Guess I’ll get to bus tables an clean up.  C’est la vie…it’s all for charity.